Stratum 1 - Network Time Server
Location: 4738.4775N / 2614.6143E / 365ALT
Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
13, Universitatii, Suceava, 720229, Romania

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USV Time
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IP Address IPv4:
IPv6: 2001:b30:4c02:1::a3

(please use DNS to resolve the name)
Protocol / Port NTP V4 Primary / Port 123
SYNC Sources GPS : Garmin GPS 18 LVC
PPS : Rubidium Frequency Standard PRS-10

The difference (offset) between the localtime and the time information received from the GPS satellite system.
Note: The difference between the time on the server and the time received from the GPS may be negative or positive.
 In order to display both values on a fancy graph, we added 50 microseconds to this value.

The number of requests the server responded to, measured on 300 seconds (5 minutes) intervals.

For client synchronization on Windows operating systems you may use the freeware Nettime (v2b7) or Nettime (v3.14).

For the best results on any operating system you should use
NTP  for Windows (Meinberg port)   or for Linux/FreeBSD (sources).

For monitoring NTP servers on Windows operating systems you may use NTP Time Server Monitor from Meinberg.

We may provide client assistance for configuring any time synchronization software on any operating system.

You are free to use this server. This server is a member. Do not use automated programs to test the server reliability.
 You may also use as an always available time synchronization source (points to and Stratum 1 time servers).

System setup on the 1st of June 2005 and current maintenance by Eugen COCA. E-mail: Webpage updated:  17DEC2016